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Collaborell Cloud

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Our solutions are tailored for the following types of clients – LTPAC, HIE, ACO, MSO, Health Systems & Payers.

The Collaborell Cloud is easily and quickly deployed.

It provides best-in-class data management infrastructure called Collaborell Coeur. It provides for one to many or many to many data connections. Speed to value is priority one so, whether it’s five data sources or five thousand the Collaborell Cloud and Coeur integrate and interoperate data FAST typically in 90 days or less.

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Collaborell security

Data and information security is our highest priority.

The Collaborell Cloud and all Collaborell component solutions, from the raw data to the refined analytics and information, are secured with world-class encryption for data or information at rest or in transport. AES 256 is the current best in class.

Collaborell Cloud extracts, aggregates, harmonizes, transorms and transports data.

Collaborell Cloud services provide for one to many or many to many data connections. It can be used to solve any interoperability challenge or used to connect 100s or 1000s of data sources to the Collaborell Curator module for analytics and dashboards and true population health decision-making. This is powerful.


Collaborell Cloud

The Collaborell Cloud and Collaborell solution stack allow you, your teams and organization to integrate all of your various disparate data sources. Unlocking siloed data to provide integrated systems and analytics.

With Collaborell, your data is quickly aggregated and integrated. It is converted to information with multiple industry benchmarks and, made available for decision-makers in custom dashboards.

The “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs), “gaps in care”, “disease registries”, along with “pursuit lists” and even predictive analytics based on machine learning are available in the Collaborell Curator module dashboards.

With Collaborell there are no limits to your ability to access, integrate or present data. The Collaborell Care 365 module allows for a complete view of all care interactions with a patient across all patient systems with a comprehensive and complete longitudinal record.

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Collaborell Converge

In addition to software, we offer strategic professional services to guide health organizations on their journey from ‘fee for service’ to value-based care. This journey often involves strategic innovations and change management across the organization.

  • IT & Business Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Solution Deployment
  • Implementation Services
  • Competency-Based Training Programs
  • Change Management
  • Revenue Cycle Optimization
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Solutions and Use Cases

We are a best practices firm that uses a combination of consulting and technology to improve the performance of healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.

Education and outreach


Education & Outreach

CHALLENGE™ is the Collaborell engagement platform with interactive competency-based programs that healthcare organizations use for patient outreach and internal staff performance improvement. Advanced learning and nurturing paths plot success strategies to motivate people to take steps toward improving outcomes—for patients, a greater understanding of their care; for staff, a greater understanding of what it takes to drive everyday excellence.

Telehealth strategies


Telemedicine Strategies

CONVERGE™ telemedicine services guide organizations through care strategies, technology & equipment selection, process architecture, and deployment. Your own telemedicine services can greatly reduce administrative burden, cost, and risk inherent in getting your residents and patients safe and timely care. We are here to help.

Patient records


Longitudinal Patient Record

Collaborell Care 360™—Collaborell data and analytics solution which visualizes a complete view of a patient clinical record. Care 360™ provides for the aggregation of clinical data elements from any number of clinical documentation systems. As a patient moves through the care continuum data is collected and recorded in various EHRs and other care management and care documentation systems. All of this in aggregated into a common record and longitudinal record with all clinical “touch points”. This is the only complete view of the patient.

Database Query


Self-Serve Database Queries

Collaborell Curator™ the data management and analytics and visualization components of the platform enable users to simply and intuitively ask analytical questions of the Collaborell engine. In the same way a user opens a search engine to ask about the weather in a particular location, the user can now ask complex questions of the organization’s data. If it is a frequent or common user query or a question that the organization hoped to make visible to many users the query can quickly be converted to an interactive “KPI” (Key Performance Indicator) with metrics.

Value based pay


Shift to Value-Based Pay

The Collaborell platform coupled with the Collaborell Convergence™ professional services are uniquely positioned to provide care organizations with the tools, resources and support to guide the transformation from historical fee-for-service to the rapidly emerging value-based reimbursement. Further, these capabilities can be accessed and deployed strategically to provide a clear and phased path to full population health management. Collaborell supports and enables the move from fee-for-service to accountable care and shared savings and finally to full financial and clinical responsibility.

Key performance indicators


Key Performance Indicators

Collaborell Curator™ the analytics and data visualizations component of the Collaborell platform comes with a library of more than 400 KPIs focused on common clinical, operational and complex combination metrics of healthcare organizations across the continuum of care. From admissions and discharges to total number of facility ‘bed days’ and the ‘average length of stay’, the library of Collaborell KPIs provide users with immediate value and impactful dashboards. Further, any new metric or KPI can be created for any purpose or interest.

Revenue cycle optimization


Revenue Cycle Optimization

The Collaborell data management and analytics engine supports the complex integration of practically unlimited data sources across your entity and operations but, can also be extended into partner organizations and third parties. This scalable and flexible platform allows organizations to more closely monitor and optimize key business processes. This clearly includes the revenue cycle which plagues nearly all healthcare organizations.

Alerts and notifications


Alerts and Notifications

The Collaborell platform provides the ability to alert and notify individual users and groups of users across the organization and to any user on the platform. This is a simple but powerful set of features. When a given metric or KPI or set of criteria are “hit” the Collaborell system can alert / notify one or many users via email or text or both. This allows for rapid individual and team response to emerging organizational issues.

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